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This site is dedicated to the memory of Julie and John Karami my much loved and missed sister and brother-in-law. Two loving and caring people who never did wrong to anyone murdered in their new home of 10 days in front of their seven children on the 20th July 2000.

The person who shot them, was convicted on the 6th September 2002 to life imprisonment and eligible for parole in 20 years from the day he shot them. He was unknown to Julie and John and for 6 months he monitored their every movement, as well as videotaping them doing normal everyday things such as playing with their children in their front yard and when they went grocery shopping etc.

He didn't have anything particularly exciting to report back, because Julie and John were simply a happily married couple who devoted their time to loving and caring for their children and providing them with a safe and stable family environment.

He waited until they came to the front door to answer it and then shot them through the glass panel of their front door before they even opened it, Julie was standing behind John and the one bullet went through both of them and richocheted off the wall. He then burst in through the door and fired more shots at both of them. He did this with the full knowledge that all seven children were inside.

Their lives may have been stolen but no-one can ever steal our memories.

Rest in peace Julie and John ....

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